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National Clout Rankings for 2015 (23/12)

Congratulations to Lucy Eyles, Luke Prichard, Pete Eyles and Paul Wark on their Skill at Clout Shooting, recognised by their Ranking Positions shown here:- Metric, Imperial and Combined


World Archery's 2015 Athlete of the Year Awards (1/12)

Congratulations to Jo Frith on her inclusion in the list of 5 Para Archers nominated for the Award - Vote here before 31st of December


National Barebow Championships (30/11)

Congratulations to John Butler on his 30th place out of 108 entrants (he's disappointed as he thought he could have shot better)


BOW International 2015 Internet Archery League (10/11)

Congratulations to Pauline Burfitt on winning both the 70m and 50m (Compound only) Ladies Compound League and John Butler on winning the 70m Men's Barebow League


Master Bowman - Clout (8/11)

Congratulations to Luke Prichard on achieving his Longbow Master Bowman classification.


Grand Western Indoor Championships (8/11)

Congratulations to Pauline Burfitt 1st Regional Champion Lady Compound, and Jo Frith in 2nd with a new PB!


St Kingsmark Gwent and Open Indoor Champs (1/11)

Congratulations to Pauline Burfitt 1st Lady compound (8th year running) and John Butler 1st Gents Barebow Results


Club Halloween Fun Field Shoot (31/10)

Congratulations to David Wakefield 1st, Adam Strachan-Stephens (Guest) 2nd, and Paul Wark 3rd


National Target Rankings 2015 (21/10)

Congratulations to Pauline Burfitt in 10th (staying in the top 10 for the fourth year running) and Jo Frith in 33rd place (amazing place for a W1 Archer!) and David Wakefield in 119th (half way up the list in his 1st year of competition!) Full list here


National Clout Championships (17/10)

Congratulations to Lucy Eyles 11th Lady Longbow, Luke Prichard 4th Men's Longbow and Pete Eyles 5th Men's Longbow and the three of them together won the National Longbow Team Champions Salver


Burnham Albion/Windsor (11/10)

Congratulations to Pauline Burfitt 1st lady Compound, John Butler 1st Gent Barebow, David Wakefield 2nd Gents Recurve and all 3 of them in the winning Team of the Albion Round. And Tracy Davis 3rd Recurve in the mixed Recurves of the Windsor Round.


Hampshire Clout Weekend (3/10)

Congratulations to Lucy Eyles on shooting the Ladies Metric Clout and setting new National Records for the Single Metric Clout and the Double Metric Clout also gaining her 3 Clout end Award and her Purple Tassel also congratulations to Luke Prichard on winning the Gents Metric Clout, also at Purple Clout level. Belated congratulations  Luke also won the Sarum Clout last weekend!


Club Outdoor Handicap Shoot (3/10)

Congratulations to Kay Deacon winning the Longbow Trophy, Pauline Burfitt and Tracy Davies 1st and 2nd Ladies respectively, Andrew Skelton, Richard Kerr and John Butler 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gents respectively an d Eathan Doyley and Caden Skelton 1st and 2nd Juniors respectively


Chippenham Autumn FITA (WA1440) (27/9)

Thank you to Jo Frith for taking the time out of her busy International Season to be our Lady Paramount and congratulations to David Wakefield, who put over 40 points on his PB, Ian Prangley who in his first ever Target competition shot only 7 points lower than ever in practise, Richard Kerr who in his first competition shooting a Compound came straight out and shot an MB score!, John Butler who had a great days shooting and came away with a Silver Medal, and finally Pauline Burfitt who had a stunning days shooting as she managed to put 17 points on the County, Regional and National Record for a Lady Compound shooting the Men's WA1440 Round with an amazing score of 1349 - See Full Results


Bowflights and Warwick Clout (13/9)

Congratulations to Lucy Eyles on 2nd Lady Longbow and Luke Prichard on 4 or5th (tbc) Gents Longbow and Pete Eyles with a PB.


Gloucestershire County and Open Clout (6/9)

Congratulations to Lucy Eyles on 1st Lady Longbow and Luke Prichard on 1st Gents Longbow.


St Kingsmark 2 Rivers FITA incorporating the Gwent County and Open ( (6/9)

Congratulations to Pauline Burfitt on 1st Lady Compound, Max and Harry Harding on 1st in their bow type and respective Round and Harry having the highest Junior Compound score and David Wakefield on another PB and his 1100 (Correction) FITA Star -  See Full Results  


GWAS Junior Intercounties (5/9)

Congratulations to Max and Harry Harding on coming 1st in their bow type age groups both with PB's


World Archery 3D Championships (2-3/9)

Congratulations to Richard Powell on his first (sure it won't be the last) inclusion in the Great Britain Team for this World Archery event held in Terni in Italy


DWAA County Championships - Update 2/9

Congratulations to Pete Eyles, on his Longbow 1st place Region and County in the GNAS Clout (180yds) and 3rd County Longbow in the York Round


DWAA County Team for the Inter-Counties(1/9)

Congratulations to Dave Wakefield, and Pauline Burfitt on their selection to represent Dorset and Wilts in the 2015 Grand Western Archery Society Inter-Counties Match on the 20th of September.


County of Oxfordshire Archery Society Clout 2015 (22/8)

Congratulations to Luke Prichard and Pete Eyles 1st and 2nd Longbow in the 165m Clout


DWAA County Championships (30/8 )

Congratulations to Dave Wakefield, on his 3rd place County Archer position. Other result will be posted when known


World Para Championships and Olympic Qualifier (30/8 )

Congratulations to Jo Frith, on become the World W1 Individual Silver Medallist.


World Para Championships and Olympic Qualifier (29/8)

Congratulations to Jo Frith, and Team mate John Walker who beat China in the Gold Medal Final to become the W1 Mixed Team World Champions.


AGB Youth Festival 2015  (22/8)

Congratulations to Max Harding on his 4th place in the Individual H2Hs in the Recurve Cadet Mens section.


NFAS South West Cahallenge2015 (1-9/8)

Congratulations to Richard Powell who after nine, yes nine days of Field Archery Comps managed a very very close 2nd place (tbc) and that was having to shoot in a higher group due to it being NFAS and Richard shooting with 3 fingers under. - Great practise before he shoots in the 'Worlds' on the 1st of September in Italy


British Target Champs (8-9/8)

Congratulations: To Jo Frith for setting 4 Paralympic W1 World Records and gaining her 3rd MB Score so she is now a Master Bowman for the first time. To Pauline Burfitt 3rd place in the WA1440 Round with a tidy GMB score and as a member of the winning Regional Compound Team and for her success as a member of the winning England Compound team in the Home Nations match. To David Wakefield shooting a PB in his first National Tournament and John Butler who gained so much experience in his first National Tournament including his first Barebow H2H.  


DWAA Double 720 (2/8)

Congratulations to all club archers who competed in the event and the known medallists Jo Frith as 2nd County Compound (as a W1) and Dave Wakefield as 3rd County Recurve - Full results when known

Andoba 2 Day FITA (25-26/7)

Congratulations to Pauline Burfitt 2nd Lady Compound in another grotty weekend of weather variations - Also as a member of the successful DWAA Team (picture) which whooped Hampshire in the Inter-county match on the Sunday.


Coastal Archers Clout (19/7)

Clean sweep to Chippenham Longbows, Luke Prichard 1st, Dave Smith 2nd, Pete Eyles 3rd and Paul Wark 4th - wow what a result!!!


Cleve FITA Weekend (18 & 19/7)  

Congratulation to Jo Frith on setting 3 W1 World Paralympic Records for the 70Mtr, 30Mtr and Ladies 1440, Pauline on a clean sweep of topping the 50mtr Qualifier, winning Gold in the H2H and Gold in the Ladies FITA, there were other PB,s and medals full results will be linked when received..  


East Riding Archers Clout Weekend (23 & 24 May)

Belated congratulation to Pete Eyles on Gold in the GNAS Clout and Bronze in the WA Clout


2015 Irish Open Field Championships - County Kilkenny (4&5/7)

Congratulation to Richard Powell on Gold in the AFB class.


2015 Euronations and Regional Commonwealth Champs - Edinburgh (4&5/7)

Congratulation to Pauline Burfitt,representing England, on Individual Ladies Compound Silver, Ladies Compound Team Gold, overall England Team Silver and H2H Bronze.


2015 3D Archery World Championships - Terni Italy

Belated congratulations to Richard Powell on his selection in May to represent GB in the above event. For those who don't know him Richard has set numerous County, Regional and National Longbow Records but, in order to fulfil his ambition to represent his Country, last year he changed to shooting an American Flatbow and after a lot of hard work mastering this new bow type and several competition successes he was selected. - Knowing Richard there will be no prouder person to wear his Country's Shirt! - An inspiration to others.


2015 NFAS National 3D Championships

Belated congratulations to Matt Crovetto on his 4th place in the Compound Unlimited class in this event held in May.


2015 All British and Open Field Championships.

Belated congratulations to Richard Powell on his 2nd place in the AFB class in this event held in May.


2015 World Paralympic Champs and Czech Para World Ranking Event. (1/7)

Congratulations to Jo Frith on her selection for these events, full details here:


Cheltenham Summer Tournament (28/6)

York Round - Congratulations to John Butler, 3rd Gents Barebow; Pete Eyles 3rd Gents Longbow, Dave Wakefield 3rd Gents Recurve, and in the Hereford Round Terry Davies 1st Gents Compound.


2015 GB World Team 2nd Selection Shoot (28/6)

Congratulations to Pauline Burfitt (after shooting 220 arrows on Day one) for achieving 5th place in the event, The final 4 then shot on Day two for the 3 available places, a creditable effort against some of the best Lady Compound Archers in the Country, (some more than half her age!)

Pre event Newspaper Article 


2015 English and Open Longbow Championships (23/6)

Congratulations to Pete Eyles for his 10th place in the York Round


Dunster Week 2015

Congratulations to our members who competed, results are as follows:- Richard Powell - 1st Gent AFB in the Field Round; Lucy Eyles - 5th Lady Longbow in the Double 2 Way Clout; Pete Eyles 13th Gents Longbow in the Double 2 Way Clout; GWAS Championship Double Hereford: Pauline Burfitt 1st Lady Compound; Rhiannon Norfolk (2nd Clubs with us) 3rd Lady Compound; Jo Frith 5th Lady Compound (as a W1 Para Archer!); Amanda George (2nd Clubs with us) 5th Lady Recurve (as a Para archer!).


UK Masters (6&7/6)

Congratulations to Jo Frith for the 4  W1 Class Paralympic World Records she set at this event.

Newspaper Article


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Southampton, Clout Shoot (19/4)

Congratulations to: Lucy Eyles - 2nd in the Ladies Longbow; Luke Pritchard - 2nd in the Gents Longbow.


Bath Albion (12/4)

Congratulations to: Dave Wakefield - 3rd in the Gents Recurve; Pete Eyles - 2nd in the Gents Longbow; John Butler - 1st in the Gents Barebow.


South Wilts Triple Wand Tournament (1/2)

Congratulations to: Pete Eyles and Luke Pritchard - joint 1st in the 180 yards longbow category; John Butler - 1st in the 140 yards Barebow category.



2014 ▼


National Tassel Award Clout Rankings 2014 - There is a small group of Chippenham Archers who seem to know a thing or two about Clout shooting. For the uninitiated this involves using a large piece of wood to launch a smaller piece of wood towards the heavens in the hope that said smaller piece will land close to a mark drawn on the ground. During 2014 Luke Pritchard, Dave Smith, Paul Wark and Pete Eyles did this to good effect. In the Imperial rankings all four archers finished in the top 15, with Luke 3rd. In the combined rankings (Imperial and Metric) Luke finished 2nd. The full rankings can be found here under 'Archived Clout Rankings'.


Senior National Indoor Championships ( 6 & 7/12 )- Chippenham Archers were well represented at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry with: Pauline Burfitt, Laura and Ian Harding, Pete Eyles and Luke Pritchard competing. Pauline reached the head-to-head quarter finals, tied her match but lost the match-breaker shot by the smallest of margins. The full results can be found here.


Oxford Indoor County Championships (29/11) - Congratulations to: Pauline - Ladies Compound, 1st place; John Butler - Gents Barebow, 3rd place (and a PB); David Wakefield - Novice Gents Recurve, 2nd place.


Surrey County and Open Indoor Championships (23/11) - Congratulations to Pauline for achieving the highest single and double Portsmouth scores and a new double Portsmouth county record of 1147.


Gwent County and Open Championships (9/11) - Congratulations to: Pauline - Ladies Compound, Gold medal; Jo Frith - Ladies Compound, Silver medal; Ethan Doyley - Junior U14 Recurve, Gold medal; John Butler - Gents Barebow, Silver medal.


GWAS Indoor Championships (2/11) - Congratulations to Pauline for becoming Ladies Compound Champion for the 5th successive year.


National Target Archery Rankings (22/10) - Congratulations to Pauline on retaining her place in the top ten Ladies Compound rankings for 2014, finishing 6th. Congratulations also to Jo Frith for entering the rankings in 54th place.


Lytchett Metric Clout (11/10) - Congratulations to Luke Pritchard on 2nd place.


Hampshire Clout Weekend (4 & 5/10) - Congratulations to Luke Pritchard on 2nd place and Purple tassel in the Metric clout on day 1; 2nd placed visitor in the GNAS clout on day 2.


Sarum 1 way GNAS Clout (28/9) - Congratulations to Luke Pritchard on 1st place and Gold tassel.


Bucks and Bounty, Lilleshall (20 & 21/9) - Congratulations to Pauline: 1st Lady Compound overall for the weekend with a new County and Regional record for the 50 metre round (687) on Saturday.


14/9 Battle of Britain FITA - Congratulations to Pauline: 1st Lady Compound.


7/9 St. Kingsmark FITA - Congratulations to Pauline: 1st Lady Compound.


6/9 Fletchers Day, Royal Tox - Congratulations to Pauline: 1st Lady Compound.


25/8 DWAA County Champs - Congratulations to Luke Pritchard and Dave Smith, joint winners of the Victor Ludorum trophy.


23/8 GWAS Regional Champs, 2 way GNAS Clout - Congratulations to Luke Pritchard on 1st place.


10/8 Bath Hereford - Congratulations to Pete Eyles for finishing 2nd in the Gents Longbow competition.


9/8 British Target Championships - Congratulations to Jo Frith on shooting a W1 World Ladies 1440 record round, including 3 new W1 World distance records.


3/8 Southampton Clout - Congratulations to Pete Eyles and Paul Wark for finishing 3rd and 4th, respectively, in the Gents Longbow section.


20/7 Coastal 1 way GNAS Clout - Congratulations to Luke Pritchard on 1st place.


6/7 Regional Commonwealth/Euronations Tournament (Belfast) - Congratulations to Pauline shooting for  England on Qualifying in 1st place in the 50m (with 670) 720 Round and taking Silver in the H2H.


5/7 Regional Commonwealth/Euronations Tournament (Belfast) - Congratulations to Pauline shooting for  England on an Individual Ladies Compound Silver in the 1440 Ladies Round, Ladies Compound Team Gold and England Overall Team Gold.


27/6 Dunster Week - Congratulations to Laura on 1st Place Lady Compound  and Dave Smith 2nd in Region Longbow (3rd overall) in the Regional Championship Weekend also to Paul Wark on 2nd place in the Clout Day shooting his longbow.


9/6 Shooting for England - Congratulations to Pauline on selection to represent England in the forthcoming Euronations/Regional Commonwealth Tournament in Northern Ireland at the beginning of July - EAF Team Details


8/6 Thornbury Field Shoot - Congratulations to Laurence 1st gents Longbow


8/6 UK Masters - Congratulations to Pauline on gaining a GNAS Medal as 3rd placed Ladies Compound on the overall weekend results despite shooting in all extremes of the UK's weather, highlights of the weekend for Pauline was making the Gold Medal final of the H2H element which she lost eventual 143 to 141 (not 129 as shown on the results sheet!) to Dani Brown, after winning her semi Final H2H in a one arrow shoot-off which Pauline took with an X which was exactly on the spider in the middle!.


5/6 GB Paralympic Squad - Congratulations to Jo Frith on selection to the GB Paralympic Squad


1/6 Devizes Top 10 - Congratulations to All the Club Members who medalled as Individual and in Teams


24-25/5 All British Field Championships - Congratulations to Richard Powell who in his first representation for England set a New National Record for the 24 Marked Round and also broke a 19 year old National Record for the 48 Combined Round and became the All British Gents Longbow Champion


25/05 Burnham May Open Shoot- Congratulations to Jo 1st Ladies Compound in the Hereford Round and Paul W 3rd Longbow in the York Round


25/05 Southampton FITA Weekend- Congratulations to Pauline 1st Double 50m Ladies Compound (Sat) and 1st Overall Ladies Compound FITA Weekend


18/05 Salisbury FITA- Congratulations to Laura 1st County Ladies Compound, Jo 2nd County Ladies Compound (with a PB and 60m Six Gold End)  and Luke 2nd County Gents Longbow.

04/05 Bath FITA- Congratulations to Pauline and Laura 1st and 3rd Ladies Compound and Pauline, Laura and Ian on winning the Compound Team Award, and Max 1st place in the Metric III.


04/05 Universities and Open Clout Shoot - Congratulations to Luke and Paul on 1st and 2nd place and scoring nearly enough points between them to beat the winning 3 longbow team!


01/05 Junior Master Bowman - Congratulations to Harry on qualifying as a JMB following obtain his 3rd JMB score at Cleve (3 consecutive Record Status Tournaments)


01/05 HighCross Field Archers Shoot (20th April) - Belated congratulations to Lawrence Aldridge - 1st Gents Longbow


27/04 Mere Field Tournament (5/6 April) - Belated congratulations to Richard Powell - 1st Gents Longbow


27/04 Meriden Spring FITA - Congratulation to Pauline on qualifying as a Grand Master Bowman following 3 GMB scores on the trot in three Record Status Rounds after taking Gold, and equalling her Personnel Best, in a quality field of 27 Lady Compounds.

27/04 Cleve Spring Tournament - Congratulations Laura (Hereford), John B (National), Max (Bristol 2)and Harry (Bristol 4) - All first in their Rounds


19-20/04 Chippenham Archers 2 Day FITA - Congratulations to all the Club Members who spent time over the last two days, sometimes in some pretty awful weather making sure that the event ran so incredibly smoothly, despite the thunder and lightening, heavy lashing storms and useless 80cm Faces! - and to Pauline and Luke who after a close shot two days managed to come out on top! Pictures and Results


16/04 GWAS Postal League - Congratulations to our Junior Archers who entered - Very Creditable Results! (no particular order) Gemma 3rd under 16 Ladies R/C; Max 3rd Under 16 Boys R/C; Ethan 4th Under 14 Boys R/C; Harry 1st Under 12 Mixed C/U and Rebecca 3rd Under 12 Girls R/C. Full Results


13/04 Bath Albion - Congratulations to Pauline 1st Ladies Compound


15/03 2013/14 Indoor Season Handicap Improvers Awards: Juniors 1st Harry, 2nd Max, 3rd Ethan. Seniors 1st Erik, 2nd Paul, 3rd Luke


08-09/03 Waterside Archers Clout Weekend - Saturday saw Luke come 3rd in the GNAS Clout  and  Paul W get a White Tassel at his first Clout shoot and things got even better on Sunday in the FITA Clout with Richard coming 1st, Luke coming 2nd and shooting his first Clout Master Bowman score and got a Red Tassel and Dave S shooting a 3 Clout End and also getting a Red Tassel


02/03 County Indoor Championships - Congratulations to Luke on becoming the County Indoor Champion Gents Longbow


15/02  2013 Outdoor Season Handicap Improver Trophy and GNAS Medal Winners -  Congratulations to Bev most improved Senior and Harry most improved Junior


15/02  Club Handicap Shoot for 2013/14 Indoor Season - Congratulations to Ethan, 1st Junior with Rebecca in 2nd and Max in 3rd and  Paul Wark 1st Senior with John Butler (2) in 2nd and Adam in 3rd.13/02 Archery GB January Challenge - Results


27/01  World Cup Stage 3 and European Archery Festival - No medals but Bev, Pauline, Paul, David Leach with Dave J in support had a great time at an incredible event, a real credit to Jon Nott and his UK Organisers and Volunteers with some truly awesome World Class Archers from all over the globe


19/01 Droitwich Archery Society  - Combined FITA - Pauline - Gold - equalling her County Record (and Gold to Mark Rudd from Devizes)


12/01 St Kingsmark FITA 18 - Medal Haul - Pauline - Gold, Laura - Bronze; Harry - Gold, Ian - Silver, Max - Gold and Patrick - Gold And Paul W with a PB - and many of the new Club Shooting Tops in evidence, not all with DAVE on the back? - all in all a good day at the office! (speedy recovery to Tony)