Shooting Progress

The Shooting progress of Club and its Members consists of two elements :

Firstly the Club Records, (Linked on the Left) which is a list of the current highest score achieved in different by Members broken down by bow Type,

Gender, and for Juniors, the age group they were in when that score was shot.

Secondly the progress, in terms of Classification and Handicap, (see here an explanation of how it works) of Club Members in the Outdoor and Indoor Archery Seasons:

The Outdoor Season  (Linked on the Left) (from 1st January to 31st December in the current year) 

The Indoor Season (Linked on the Left) (from October of one year to March of the following year) 

BUT Nothing will be recorded regarding Records; Handicaps and Classifications unless score are submitted!

So if you shoot a Round down the club or compete at an Open Competition - Place your score sheet, or in the case of an open Competition, a Results Sheet, in the 'Scores for Records Officer'slot in the Club Hut!