Chippenham Archers

COVID Guidance

We have now completed review of the latest ArcheryGB guidance and have defined the extra constraints that we will be shooting under once the range re-opens and until further guidance.

These should be read in combination with the ArcheryGB guidance on Returning to Archery and the club risk assessment before attending the range.

Detailed guidance and rules

Note the change of rules regarding the movement of bosses.

Committee approval

All of the following guidance has been reviewed and approved by the majority of Chippenham Archers committee members following analysis of the guidance provided by government and ArcheryGB. All archers are expected to abide by these rules and any archer found not to be complying may be subject to disciplinary proceedings. Safety of all of our archers and others they come into contact with is paramount.

Act responsibly

If you are suffering any of the symptoms of COVID-19 or are co-habiting with someone who is then don't come to the range but follow government recommended self-isolation measures. If you are classed as vulnerable, or are co-habiting with someone that is, then please do not come to the range but comply with government recommendations on shielding. If you develop symptoms after having visited the range, then please notify the club via with details of which boss(es) you have used and any other equipment you have have come into contact with.

Bring your own PPE

It is important that all archers provide their own hand sanitizer for use at the range that is at least 70% alcohol. The committee has considered providing sanitizer but cannot commit to keep supplies stocked up, so it is necessary for you to provide your own. The gate to the range will still be locked as per normal and since it is on a public road and shared with the farm we have no control over who else may have touched it and what precautions they may or may not have taken. Please sanitise your hands after touching the gate and lock both on arrival and departure.

Limit contact

Do not touch anything at the range besides your equipment - doing so could introduce the risk of cross-contamination for other archers. The hut will be locked (and the combination changed) and must not be touched or accessed. The toilets will also be locked and therefore not available for use - please make use of alternate facilities before visiting the range. The chairs will also be put away so if you need a chair then please bring one with you and take it home after you have finished shooting.

First Aid

As a direct consequence of the hut being closed the club first aid kit will be innaccessible. Please make sure you bring suitable first aid supplies in case of injury each time you visit the range.

Maintain Social Distancing

Please maintain at least 2m separation from other range users at all times, including when arriving or departing the range or moving between your vehicle and your lane or between lanes.

Avoid socialising

We know that many of us have not been in contact with each other for some time. However, please try to avoid spending time socialising before or after shooting and please leave the range quickly after you have finished shooting.

Movement of bosses

The target bosses have been set out in accordance with ArcheryGB guidance. They have been setup with a lane and a half space between them to comply with the requirement for 5m boss to boss spacing. This means some bosses are in the middle of lanes, while others straddle lanes. This is deliberate - do not move the bosses from their current position across the range.

There is one boss at each of 20m, 30m, 60m, 70m and 90m and two at 50m. These distances have been chosen to allow particiaption in the current virtual competitions without the need to move bosses.

Archers are strongly discouraged from moving the bosses - touching the bosses introduces the risk of cross contamination from whoever touched them last or anyone that attempts to move them back into the correct position. However if you need to move a target to a different distance then it is permitted to do so. When moving the bosses it is required that you wear suitable gloves that will prevent contamination of the boss, and prevent the risk of splinters and possible virus transmission. Strong cloth or leather gardening gloves are recommended. Note that when you have finished shooting you must return the boss to it's original distance so that others who wish to use the range without an obligation to touch the bosses may do so.

If you arrive at the range to find a boss in the wrong place and are not comfortable or equipped to move it yourself please report it to and we will arrange to return it to the correct location.

Do not share bosses

Bosses should not be shared with other archers unless they are living in the same household as you. To do so would break the rules on social distancing and sharing faces introduces the risk of cross-contamintion from target faces during arrow pulling.

Do not share target faces

We will make arrangements for you to be able to collect faces and face pins from the club. If there are multiple members in your household that might want to shoot at different distances then remember to collect sufficient faces and pins. Please only use your own personal target faces and face pins. Using an existing target face introduces a risk of cross contamination since other archers will have touched the face to pull arrows. It is vital that you remove your target face from the boss when you have finished shooting and take it (and your pins) home with you for use another day or for disposal if it is too damaged. If you need another target face or replacement pins then please contact and we will make arrangements to issue you replacements. Sanitise your hands before and after applying target faces to the target or when removing an arrow from the frame of the boss.

Keep your equipment out of the way of others

Please keep all of your equipment immediately behind the lane that you are using, and close to the waiting line. Of course, please do not touch anyone else's equipment at any time. Do not offer to pull other archers' arrows for them.

Report lost arrows

Note that since the hut is closed, there will not be access to the club metal detector. If you lose an arrow and are unable to find it then please record where your arrow is most likely to be (which lane, left, right and roughly how far from the target you would expect it to be) and report this to We will arrange for someone to try to locate your arrow and subsequently return it to you.

Lane usage

We are trying to avoid putting a booking system in place - this will add complication and run the risk of lanes being booked but not used and therefore not available for others to use. Instead we will use a first-come first-served approach. When you arrive please choose one of the available lanes to shoot at. If the distance you need is not available then it is acceptable to discuss how long the current users plan to keep using it so that you can either wait, decide to use an alternate lane or leave to return another time. Of course, remain polite and maintain social distancing at all times. If you regularly have trouble getting to shoot at the distance you require then please contact us through If we frequently see problems then we will look at introducing a booking system and/or adjusting the lane/distance allocations.

Lane usage for family groups

It is perfectly acceptable for multiple people from the same residence to share lanes where there is no additional risk of cross-contamination from the archery activities.

Independent shooting

Independent shooting will not be permitted during these restrictions - all lanes must be treated together and shot at the same time. One archer should clearly take on field captain responsibility for controlling the range and this should be agreed between shooting archers.

Non-shooting attendees

The club rules regarding archers under 18 needing supervision remain in place. Similarly any disabled archers that need assistance can still bring an assistant where needed. In both cases non-shooting assistants should be restricted to one per lane and must abide by social distancing requirements at all times.

Be considerate

Please do not hog lanes for an extended period when other people may be waiting for the lane you are using. All members of the club are equal and everyone deserves a chance to shoot. When leaving a lane please pack your equipment away quicky and vacate the lane as soon as possible. If you are waiting to use a lane, please leave adequate space for the existing user to pack their equipment away and vacate the lane.

Revised guidance from ArcheryGB allows for the shooting of more than 6 arrows per end to help reduce visits to the boss. However, be considerate of other archers using the range - it is not fair to ask someone to wait while you shoot many arrows before they are able to collect their 6 arrows.

Limit peak time usage

If it is possible for you to shoot at other times than the weekend then please try to do so. The overall range capacity will be reduced during while these measures are in place and some users will only be able to access the range at weekends due to work commitments. Specifically be sensitive of the regular Saturday morning slot that may be more crowded than other times.

Lost property

Please carefully check your lane and boss when you vacate it to make sure you have removed your target face, pins and all your equipment, possessions and rubbish to take home. Leaving possessions behind means others have to move them and risk cross-contamination. If you encounter lost property then please avoid making direct contact with it without sanitizing your hands afterwards. Property left behind should either be left alone or where safe to do so, placed under the covered area and it will be periodically removed for disposal. Please take all your rubbish home.

Build back up

Most of us will not have shot for some time and it will take time for your muscles to regain strength and your form to return to normal. Don't overdo the number of arrows you shoot in one end or during the session, take breaks if needed and if necessary start off at shorter distances until you are confident at the longer distances again (see lost arrows...)


We are still keen to maintain records for as many archers as possible but unfortunately we cannot currently accept scoresheets in physical form. However, we can still accept scoresheets electronically. Many phone scoring apps will allow you to email records directly, or failing that take a photo or a scan of a physical scoresheets and email it to


While we cannot currently run beginner's/refresher's courses or hold large scale coaching, it is possible to organise one-one coaching, particularly for those that lack confidence after an extended break. At the same time, our coaching capacity is limited at the moment so there will be limits on what we can do. If you would like some coaching then please contact and we will try to accomodate your needs.


If you are concerned about other archers using the range while not complying with these rules or you feel they are endangering themselves or others then please report this to or any individual member of the committee for action to be taken. All reports will be treated in confidence.

Rule clashes

Where any rules in this document contradict normal Chippenham Archers rules of shooting, this document will take precedence. There are some variations from ArcheryGB's guidance and these are deliberate variations to fit with Chippenham Archer's range and operation, but have been fully considered in the risk assessment. In case of any doubt on interpretation of these rules then please contact us on and we will provide clarification.