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COVID Guidance (Updated March 2021)

Archery GB Outdoor Progress Award Scheme


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Archery GB Progress Awards are a way of encouraging new and progressing members to develop their archery skills. It will be run alongside the Clubs 252 Scheme and members are welcome to participate in either, or indeed both. There are five badge colours you can receive – White, Black, Blue, Red and Gold – each colour depicting a particular skill level.

General rules

  •  Rounds are shot on either an 80cm face using 10 zone scoring (Compounds use Inner ring for 10s) or a 122cm face using 5 zone scoring.
  • Distances are different dependant on Award being shot and Age category (See Age Categories below) 
  • Three qualifying scores are required to be awarded each badge.To gain a qualifying score, you will need to shoot 3 dozen arrows (36) in a single session – no splitting it across multiple sessions. 
  • Everyone gets six sighter arrows.
  • Awards can be gained in any order or skipped.
  • Each round should be clearly and accurately recorded and signed by both the Archer and an accompanying (adult) archer and submitted to the Records Officer. 
  • Only one Award of each level can be claimed, even if using different Bow Styles. Note:To Claim a Award the 3 qualifying scores must be shot on the same Bow Style.If an Archer changes Bow Style then 3 new qualifying scores are required to be submitted. 
  • An archer who already has a badge of a particular level will be permitted to submit 3 new qualifying scores for the same award level to show their progress.

Age Categories

  • Age groups will be aligned with Archery GB rules. This means that the year of birth is used rather than the date of birth. For example, to shoot in ‘Under 16’ category, you must be 15 years of age for the whole calendar year (1st January to 31st December).
  • If entering age category ‘Senior 65+’, you should use the U16 scores. However 65+ archers can still use the standard ‘Senior’ category if they wish to do so.

Certificates and Badges 

  • A certificate will be presented by the Club on completion of each Award and If, (after completing three qualifying scores for an award), you would like to purchase a badge for that Award, please contact the Records Officer (see the ‘Contact’ page on the club website).
  • Cost per badge is currently £3.50 (at May 2024). A small stock are held by the club and we will attempt to ensure that they are distributed within a reasonable time. Badges will be ordered from Archery GB at intervals by the Club so a delay may be experienced due to demand.