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COVID 19 Range Usage Guidance

We're pleased to say that we are still on track for opening the range next Tuesday (26th May) but please wait for an official opening announcement before visiting the range.
In the meantime, we have published the rules under which the range will be operating until further notice on the club website. This guidance includes links to the ArcheryGB guidance ( as well as our club specific Risk Assessment ( These rules are accesible under the members menu from the club website.
Please read through all of the guidance to make sure you understand the measures we have put in place. The committee reserve the right to change these rules if government or ArcheryGB guidance changes, if further risks are identified, if the rules put in place prove to be inadequate to protect our members or facilitate fair/safe use of the range.
It is important that everyone follows these rules and we are all considerate to keep everyone safe and to enable everyone to get their chance to shoot.
As mentioned previously, one of the measures put in place is to issue target faces and pins to all members that want to shoot. As part of this it will be possible to collect these from the range tomorrow (Sunday) from 10am. We will also arrange a collection location in Chippenham from Sunday lunchtime onwards (day & evening) - please contact with clear details of whether you want an 120cm or 80cm face and when you would like to collect (please give us advance warning - we will need to prepare your collection ahead of time to be safe and to fit in with work) and we will provide the details.
Make sure you have hand sanitiser on your shopping list if you do not already have some.
The Committee

Range Re-opening Plans

To all Chippenham Archers members.

You will recently have seen communication from ArcheryGB in relation to Returning to Archery. We understand that you are all desperate to get back to shooting and I assure you that we are too.

The committee have reviewed the ArcheryGB guidance and met Saturday morning to discuss what steps need to be taken in order to ensure that shooting at the range will comply with both government and ArcheryGB guidance. We have identified a clear list of items that need to be addressed to make archery at our range safe before we can reopen the range.

This includes some minor maintenance work at the range, but is mostly adapting ArcheryGB guidance on how archers should behave in order to minimise risk to themselves and other users to the specifics of Chippenham Archers and our range.

We aim to complete these tasks and issue the resulting guidance to all members as quickly as we can in order to open up the range to shooting as soon as possible, with a target date of Tuesday May 26th. As soon as we are in a position to confirm when we will open the range we will communicate further details to all members.

One of the measures that will be necessary will be to avoid sharing of target faces and pins to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between archers. Archers will be able to use their own target faces/pins if they have them or will be able to collect them from the range on designated days/times or from some committee members ahead of the range re-opening. As a first step, faces and pins will be available at the range on Monday from 10am. Note that archers will be asked to remain in their cars and not to get out and socialise in order to minimise contamination risk.

Further opportunities to collect faces/pins ahead of the range opening will be communicated once details are finalised.

In the meantime, and for the avoidance of doubt, the range is still closed until further notice, but hopefully not for very much longer.

The Committee.

All Shooting Suspended

Following recent guidance from ArcheryGB in relation to the COVID-19 situation the committee has reluctantly taken the decision to suspend all shooting at Chippenham Archers and close the range until further notice.
We expect all members to follow this guidance in order to help minimise the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

For further details, please see

Coronavirus and Spring FITA 2000

As a result of the Coronavirus situation and advice from ArcheryGB we have sadly taken the decision to cancel our Spring FITA 2000 tournament. All entrants should already have been contacted by our tournament officer, and all cheques sent have not been cashed and have been destroyed.

If you have any questions then please contact our Tournament Officer at

2020 Beginner's Courses

Note: It is likely that the beginners courses will be cancelled or postponed as a result of the Coronavirus situation and ArcheryGB guidance. we will issue more specific guidance in the near future.

The dates have now been set for our 2020 beginner's courses If you are interested in learning how to shoot a bow then please head over to the beginner's page to find out more.

2020 FITA 2000 Prospectus & Entry Form

The Prospectus and Entry Forms for the 2020 Spring FITA 2000 are now available!

2020 Spring FITA 2000 Tournament


The Chippenham Archers' Spring Tournament that was due take place on April 18th and 19th 2020 has now been cancelled as a result of the coronavirus situation and advice from ArcheryGB. Any cheques received to cover entry fes have been destroyed and have not been cashed.

If you have any questions regarding this cancellation then please contact our tournament officer at


Frostbite Turnout

What a lovely starts to the year with a Chippenham Archers members Double Frostbite shoot!

Good turn out down at the range this morning with members helping to set up the targets and great to see people building on their knowledge and experience by helping each other with their shooting!

We stopped for an hour for Chicken and Chorizo stew with fresh bread and warm drinks, then finished off with the second frostbite.

Great to see people stay behind after to work on equipment and form to be able to start off the year on the right foot!

2019 'Last Chance' Tournament

 The Clubs 2019 'Last Chance' Tournament will be held on the 14th and 15th of September 2019

The Clubs 2018 'Last Chance' Tournament

 This is the second of the Clubs annual 'Open' Tournaments and in order to make it a success much help is need from the Clubs members during both days. Members will be emailed with further details nearer the time