Chippenham Archers

Cost of Being a Member


There are two categories of Club Membership - Senior and Junior, and the Affiliation Fees associated with a Senior Club Member has three separate categories; A Senior Archer aged 25 and over, A Senior Archer aged over 18 but under 25 and An Archer with Disabilities. Whilst the Junior Club member (under 18) only has one category of Affiliation Fees, that of A Junior Archer (aged under 18).

When people join or renew as 1st Club Members they pay to the club both their applicable Club Membership Fee and Affiliations Fees (these are then sent to the appropriate organisations by the Club Secretary). When people join or renew as 2nd Club Members they only pay to the club their applicable Club Membership Fee, as their Affiliation Fees are paid through their own Club.

Note that considering the exceptional circumstances of 2021 it was decided at the AGM to keep the base membership fees for 2021-2022 the same as for the 2020-2021 membership year, but to introduce a 50% discount on the Chippenham Archers part of the fees for renewing members that were members for the full 2020-2021 membership year. New members must pay the full amount. The membership form has been updated to reflect this.

Note also that DWAS have changed their rules on pro-rata payments for people joining part way through the year and this is not yet coded into the spreadsheet. As a result the costs for new members joinng part way through the DWAS year may not be quite correct. If you fall into this category please contact the Treasurer who will give you the correct fees to be paid.

Membership type

Renewal 1st Club Over 25
Renewal 1st Club Junior Under 18
Renewal 1st Club 18 to 24
Renewal 1st Club Self Certified Disable
Renewal 2nd Club Senior Members
Renewal 2nd Club All Other Members