Chippenham Archers

Cost of Membership

After successful completion of either:-

A Beginners Course or a Club Assessment  (for experienced Archers joining the Club)

 this Form is to be completed and sent to the Club Secretary. (email is on Form) 


Details of the cost of membership will be sent to you when your application for membership has been approved.

Please Note: Membership is only valid after confirmed payment of the advised fees

How the Fees are derived:

Chippenham Archers is an Archery GB Affiliated Club this means that Cost of belonging to Chippenham Archers consists of four elements:

Club Membership Fees, these are used for the direct costs associated with Chippenham Archers for example Ground Rent; Grass cutting; Target maintanance etc

National Governing Body (AGB - Archery Great Britain) Affiliation Fees. 

Regional Society (GWAS - Grand Western Archery Society) Affiliation Fees.

County Association (DWAA - Dorset and Wiltshire Archery Association) Affiliation Fees.

Categories of Membership The four elements listed above break down their membership into four categories and each element decides annually what amount they will charge each of the Categories.

Senior - Aged over 25 

Senior - Aged between 18 and 25

Senior - Disabled 

Junior - Aged under 18

Types of Club Membership There are two Types of Club Membership

First Club Membership - This is where  all four 'Cost of Memberships' elements (above) are paid directly to Chippenham Archers and then this member can then represent this Club, DWAA County and Grand Western Region in Open Competition.

Second Club Membership - this is where only the first 'Cost of Membership' element 'Club membership Fees' is paid to Chippenham Archers and the other three elements are paid to the Archery Club where the Archer is

And that Archer will represent their own Club, County and Region in Open Competition.






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